Alexandra will walk you through a step by step guide to achieve a visual brand identity by developing your own moodboard to purposefully curate your Instagram feed AND design without Photoshop!

Following that, Bella Khaja will take you through the process of growing an engaging Instagram using visuals, videos and content. Learn how to maximise your sales by leveraging Instagram’s tools and use your brand persona to full-proof your social media marketing.


Please take note that while this is a Live Webinar, a recorded version of the webinar would be given to all participants post-event! So you won’t have to miss a thing! 
Key takeaways:
  • The basics of visuals branding – Choosing colours, fonts, keywords that represent your business
  • Creating a social media visual mood board that works across platforms; from Instagram to Facebook
  • Instagram Marketing; how to stay visually relevant in a time of crisis
Key lessons by Alexandra:
  1. Identifying your visual brand identity
  2. Choosing the best brand personality keywords that reflects your brand
  3. Building your mood board
  4. How to create easy highlights
  5. Applying the right mood board to your Instagram feed
  6. Creating a purposeful puzzle feed that is visually stunning no matter your business 
  7. How to do a carousel design without Photoshop

Key lessons by Bella:

  1. How to sell with confidence and attain social clarity on Instagram
  2. How to maximise sales opportunity with IG story and IGTV
  3. How to create competition and giveaways on Instagram for engagement using real case studies
  4. How to use your brand persona to full proof your engagement on social media

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