Nailing Your Instagram Brand

Hosted By Alexandra & Bella 

Calling all entrepreneurs! Ever wondered why your Instagram STOPPED growing?

So, you have followers, some content up and doing everything on Instagram to raise your brand awareness. But nothing works. What could possibly be wrong?

Well, it might just be time sit down and absolutely NAIL your social branding!

This 1.5 hour live webinar is exclusively presented by Nimble’s Brand Manager Alexandra and Founder Bella Khaja who will take you through the exact process you NEED to nail your Instagram branding and gain the engagement you deserve.

Event is over!

The session:

Alexandra will walk you through a step by step guide to achieve a visual brand identity by developing your own mood board to purposefully curate your Instagram feed AND design without Photoshop!

Following that, Bella Khaja will take you through the process of growing an engaging Instagram using visuals, videos and content. Learn how to maximise your sales by leveraging Instagram’s tools and use your brand persona to full-proof your social media marketing.