Your Complete Guide to Content Planning


Ever wonder how you can Marie Kondo your social media posts? Have you felt stuck not knowing how to organise your content? Whether it’s a simple or a complex dashboard, a content calendar can be completely customised to meet your brand needs!

Maintaining a social media calendar allows you to plan and manage your time effectively, while serving as a storage space for all your creative brainwaves to revisit later. In this class, you will learn all about the importance of social media content calendars first-hand, as well as other nifty tips to maximise the benefits that it yields. Our instructor, Nawwarah, will teach you this fantastic way to ensure that your content will always be structured and inspired.

Key takeaways by Nawwarah:
  1. What is a social media content calendar?
  2. Why do you need a content calendar?
  3. How to manage your content calendar?
  4. Tips and tricks on creating a visually appealing content calendar


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