Video Creation at Your Fingertips


This session is the ultimate icing on the cake. We will reveal ALL our trade secrets when it comes to video creation and video editing. Video marketing and mastering the technicalities behind video creation is the SINGLE MOST pivotal skill as a social media marketer.

This session will be taught by Nawwarah who will breakdown to you the steps when creating your own video, and how to best do it. We’ll show you the ropes of Live-streaming, Nimble style.

Key takeaways by Nawwarah:

  1. Tools needed to live stream on different social media platforms perfect for events as well as solo coverages
  2. How to Livestream on Instagram via desktop and how to present for Live coverage with style, charisma and confidence in 3 easy hacks!
  3. Tools to edit, create automatic subtitles and help you choose the best soundtrack perfect for social media ads as well as any videos.
  4. How to create the most stunning video visuals using motion effects in 5 mins flat. Yes, 5 mins.
  5. The perfect tool to create animated captions on videos, best used amongst content creators like Nas Daily, Jay Shetty and AJ+. Best practices when it comes to storyboarding, and creating quick, 1 min videos.


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