Let’s Talk Entrepreneurship


For Entrepreneurs, By Entrepreneurs. Let’s talk about business with Aisyah. In this final episode of Lightning Talks by Nimble, we are wrapping up the series with an in-depth discussion about everything entrepreneurship. Let’s go back to Business 101, from your big why to your goals.

A little background of the host: Aisyah is the founder of a luxury modest fashion brand; Aisyah Almashoor. The homegrown Malaysian brand penetrated the international market in just 2 years of establishment, and expanded to the Middle East and the UK, garnering customers from 17 countries worldwide. She also provided services as a lifestyle branding consultant, before joining Nimble as a Business Development Manager. Join her in an interactive discussion-sharing style session, where we are going to dissect the conundrum of building a brand and business.

Key takeways by Aisyah:

  1. Reflect: Why you started
  2. Business pathway, achieve clearer view on your business goals
  3. Brand positioning using social media
  4. Your 2020 Strategy
  5. Law: Building and protecting the value of business (intellectual property registration)
  6. Case studies on successful lifestyle brands


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