Instagram Marketing Part II: E-commerce for Dummies


Curious about using Instagram for your e-commerce business, but not sure where to start? The second part in our Instagram Marketing series course will teach you how to grow your business, utilise shoppable tags on Instagram and stay engaged with your followers. Learn how to attract the attention of your ideal audience, boost engagement levels, and ultimately make more sales through the discovery page.

With the right strategies, Instagram ensures massive interaction with your audience constantly, which is great for getting to know your customers and building brand loyalty. Covering a myriad of features and tools that you need to leverage on to SELL on Instagram, attend this masterclass to know the do’s and don’ts that are crucial. Our tech-savvy trainer, Nisa, will walk you through the steps to set your Instagram business goals, create killer content plans and many more!

Key takeaways by Nisa:
  1. Optimising your Instagram profile for e-commerce
  2. 10 Mobile & Animations tools that help you design like a pro
  3. Best practices when it comes to gaining traction and awareness on Instagram
  4. How to make your feed shoppable with shoppable tags


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