Get Started: Your First Step to Video Marketing


Video marketing is an extremely powerful and effective sales and marketing tool, but isn’t always easy to construct, especially when you are not an artist. Creating a storyboard may seem intimidating, and that could not be further away from the truth.

The beauty of being able to storyboard out your marketing video is it allows you to be able to experiment with multiple video concepts quickly, easily, and for a low cost. In this exclusive session, we will reveal the best practices for creating, editing and sharing video content to different social media platforms. Learn effective video communication strategies that will keep viewers watching and help them understand the message from our brilliant instructor, Aliya.

Key takeaways by Aliya:

  1. Why is video marketing essential?
  2. How to effectively structure your video pre-production process
  3. How to ensure your video production shoot is efficient and professional
  4. How to create a storyboard using Studiobinder and Template
  5. Types of video content you can create while remoting


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