Copywriting Excellence


Not a writer? Don’t sweat it! What if we told you there was a way to master this skill and the way to do this sits at the heart of simply a few apps? Copywriting should matter to all social media marketers because a good, sound copy creates a direct impact on the impression it gives. And when it is love at first sight, that’s an indefinite hook, line and sinker!

If you’ve been struggling with copywriting, this is the perfect class for you. Taught by Bella Khaja, learn how to convince your buyers through persuasion marketing. Learn the do’s and don’ts and the tips and tricks when it comes to writing a good copy.

Key takeaways by Bella:

  1. Why copywriting matters to social media marketers and how to breathe life into your brand by giving it a personality
  2. The anatomy of a good copy and explore some of the best ad copy the world has ever seen and how to replicate the same
  3. Drip campaigns on Convertkit: How growing an email list is not even half the battle
  4. How to sell without being sale-sy, something we have managed incredibly well across the years as an agency. We profit on excellent copywriting and this time, we want it to be you.


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