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"You may Google for solutions, but we come with bullet-proof digital strategies"

Content Marketing & Social Media Crash Course

$890 per pax for 2 days

Specifically designed for business owners, digital marketing and social media executives in dire need to fast track their social strategy. The focus of the training is to equip you with the skills, experience and latest trend updates on social media to better your marketing campaigns. 

If you are struggling with your social media marketing, you are not alone. We are here to help you strategise and make social media and content marketing easy and applicable to your business. You will learn exactly how to do that in this 2-day intensive crash course.

Through this course, we will guide you with the exact tools you need for your day to day social media work and up your marketing efforts to grow brand awareness, increase engagement, generate leads, and trigger conversion. Instead of getting someone else to manage your social media, why not take it in your own hands and set the direction you visualize it to go? Best part, this training is perfect for whole teams, or solo entrepreneurs!

Training Type:
  • Private 1 to 1 coaching
  • Group (charged per pax)
Training Outcomes:
  • Access to Nimble’s Ultimate Marketing Toolkit Stack
  • 100 Marketing tools
  • Developing a discipline for an intensive social media strategy
  • Boost consumer advocacy
  • Creating thematic content calendars
  • Curating relevant content that extends the brand’s voice and tone
  • Refining your brand’s social media DNA for success
  • Advanced email marketing strategy
interested? Let’s get started!
Key areas of focus:
  • Advanced Digital Marketing Tactics
  • Developing A Roadmap for Business & Social Goals
  • Inbound Marketing Methodology
  • Video Marketing
  • Social Media Ads Mastery
Additional add ons for $150 per skill:
  • Skill 1: Learn how to subtitle videos
  • Skill 2: Learn how to write, design, develop an e-book as a lead magnet
  • Skill 3: Email marketing using Convertkit & growing a list
  • Skill 4: Learn how to stream Live for events using multi-cam
  • Skill 5: Podcasting for influence & thought leadership
  • Skill 6: Developing your own signature traffic builder to growth hack website traffic

About our courses

Are you ready to create your own “social media toolbox” filled with tactics that help you grow loyalty, increase retention, amplify word of mouth, lower or completely obliterate your acquisition costs and increase customer lifetime value?
Trust us when we say, money spent THIS way will provide returns in months if not years to come. Ready to learn how we employ relationship and trust building tactics on social media? Sit tight.
We are top of our game when it comes to empowering business owners with the exact tools we use here in our agency. Plus it does not hurt to have Bella Khaja as your Head Trainer.
Have you been to any of her Keynote presentations?
Get ready to be mind blown.


What Others are Saying

Azfarihin AzizOutsource Global Solutions Pte Ltd

Nimble’s team members are very personable - friendly and warm from the first point of contact until the end! The Social Media & Content Marketing Crash Course is very extensive and detailed, which enables a new digital marketer like me to navigate through the tools easily. Bella also includes such a HUGE range of helpful tips that makes the course worth the investment. She goes an extra mile to ensure that the her advice is personalised to your business needs. I truly believe that you can benefit from her lessons if you’re looking to grow the online presence of your business. It has been such a fun time and I won’t hesitate to come back again.

Nura AhmadHer Tribe

Besides rich personal service and valuable contents that Nimble offers in every workshop, Bella's warm personality makes all the workshop I've attended, truly worthwhile and no one workshop is similar at all! Every aspiring and existing fempreneur should at least attend to Nimble's workshop and event once in their lifetime. Thank you Bella for giving your all and encouraging me to master my crafts in growing my brand ❤️ I wish you and team abundance of success and happiness always!! 😊

Marie Nadal SharmaThem You & Me

Bella Khaja runs her agency Nimble in Singapore with so much passion, creativity and talent to empower business owners in the digital space. I am beyond happy that our paths crossed. Take your social media strategy to the next level. Get ready to be inspired!

Dian AmirahAl-Amin Mosque

Nimble is a brilliant customer service vehicle as I came and left feeling welcomed throughout the whole workshop. The workshop was very interactive and it gave me a new point of view about marketing! From then on, I've started thinking differently about the needs of my audience. 🙂

Geraldine HoChigChug Creations Photography

Thank you so much and appreciated Bella for your guidance and enlightenment on digital content marketing.
Seriously we are pretty low profile and with our past engineering background knowledge; we were zero nut about digital marketing and surely were a big struggle. Your guidance definitely make a different in the way on how we should market ourselves and pushing us out of comfort zone. Thank you once again.

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