This Keynote presentation is jointly organized by Nimble Marketing Consultancy & Mobistudios.

Bella Khaja, Founder of Nimble Marketing Consultancy will discuss the Malay/Muslim discourse on digital businesses and her predictions on what is to come in 2021 for brands who seek to market online. She will speak about the trends that Malay/ Muslim businesses have adopted on social media in the last 5 years and offers practical tips on how to manoeuvre our Malay/ Muslim community of businesses to grow their audience beyond social media.

She will be joined by Tech expert and Visionaire Sulkhi Juman, Founder of Mobistudios who will share his perspective on outdoor advertising and how to develop a more tactical approach for gaining an audience to your business. He strongly advocates that Malay/ Muslim businesses or Halal-friendly businesses should leverage on outdoor advertising in order to gain the right audience in a more data-driven methodology. Together with Bella, he believes that reaching out to the right audience for businesses in 2021 should be unique and tactical.

This Keynote presentation will be presented in both English and Malay.

This Keynote presentation is your chance to:

  • hear from the most audacious and thought-provoking market leaders in digital marketing, media and advertising industry on how to scale your organic audience
  • gain crucial insights into emerging strategies and trends to move your business away from earned media to adopt a more Paid media
  • unpack the Malay Muslim business discourse and patterns that are extensively organic and how to move towards a more tactical approach to reinforce customer loyalty and improve lead generation or drive stronger customer engagement
  • learn the art of scaling with Influencer marketing and Guerilla marketing tactics to drive more impact on sales
  • achieve the “gotong-royong” collective Kampung spirit amongst Malay Muslim business leaders to tap into shared resources and new technology in Marketing & Advertising

Enjoy exclusive deals on consultation and digital advertising packages from Nimble Marketing Consultancy and Mobistudios at the end of the Keynote presentation.