Across the years of teaching digital marketing, learning advertisement on social media has got to be the most sought after skill for any digital marketer. While there are so many businesses who prioritize organic reach, the work can get incredibly frustrating especially if it does not achieve the engagement results desired. Take advantage of  sponsored ads and posts today! Do not hesistate to master the art of media buying to get more reach, build your followers, and establish brand awareness.

Please take note that while this is a Live Webinar, a recorded version of the webinar would be given to all participants post-event! So you won’t have to miss a thing! 


Key takeaways by Bella Khaja:
  1. Fundamental basics of an advertisement; copy, creative, purpose and target audience
  2. Advertisement on digital channels, what you need to know
  3. Myth Buster: Promoted vs Sponsored posts
  4. The difference between Google Ads (display) and Youtube Ads
  5. Getting started with Facebook and Instagram Ads Management: Your first step to success
  6. How to create the perfect Target Audience for your Ads using Facebook Ads Insights
  7. How to create thumb-stopping ad creatives (design) utilizing only mobile apps
  8. Spying on your competitor’s ads on social media and how to win over more customers
  9. How to run effective advertisement with just $10
  10. Measuring your return of investment: Are ads really worth it?

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