Please take note that while the class is a LIVE webinar, a recorded version of the webinar would be given to all participants post-event! So you won’t have to miss a thing! 

Do you struggle with generating leads consistently? Is your ad spend draining you of precious resources and not giving you desired outcomes? How effective is digital advertising in today’s information world? If you’re guilty of being primed to ignore ads every time you see one, you know it’s time to rethink digital marketing.

You’ll see why EDUCATION is the new marketing, and how to leverage content to market your business.

Through learning about the importance of SEO, you’ll have what it takes to understand how the search algorithm works and how to use it to your advantage. With the techniques you’ll be equipped, you’ll be able to produce articles with high ranking potential. You’ll learn how to create click-worthy content that is seen by hundreds and thousands of people, for AS LONG AS your content stays online.

At the end of this workshop, you’ll learn how to identify your target audience, the techniques to rank your content for your specific market, as well as different avenues where you can be seen as an authority in your field of expertise, even if you don’t own your own website/ blog.

What better way to generate leads without paying for a single dollar?

Key takeaways by Isabel:

  1. Importance of content for every business
  2. Generating target-driven content ideas
  3. How to write SEO-friendly articles
    • Keyword research
    • Best SEO practices

At the end of the session, you should be inspired to:

  1. Start a blog section within your existing site
  2. Start a blog to share everything related to your business
  3. Contribute actively to other platforms

Full-time travel blogger of Bel Around The World and SEO coach roaming the world at whim, she draws energy from being outdoors. An explorer at heart, the world is her playground. She helps aspiring bloggers and brands achieve traffic goals and financial freedom with online content and expose millennial travellers to experiences beyond their imaginations.

Isabel has been fantastic to work with as an SEO consultant and has helped improve my organic traffic by up to nearly 500% in the space of twelve months. Her professionalism and communication in that time has been incredible, and I couldn’t be any happier with the work she has done.

Fair Dinkum Traveller

Isabel is a pleasure to work with. She’s conscientious self-motivated and delivers
(SEO) results. Highly recommended!