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The REAL key to making your brand stand out

  Hey Lady Bosses! It's Yulianna here, Nimble's first Android teammate. (I know right, it took them SO long to hire one!) 😋 Today let's talk about Brand Identity. I’m sure you’ve heard the term ‘Brand Identity’ enough times now, and you’ve probably tried to come up with a better logo and colour [...]

July 26th, 2018|Categories: Branding, Content Marketing|0 Comments

New Feature Alert: IG Questions!

Instagram just rolled out a new feature – Questions! I know what you must be thinking… What’s the difference? Isn’t it the same as direct message (DM)? 🙄 Basically ladies, Instagram wants to make it easier for you to slide into the user’s DMs! We here at Nimble foresee that this [...]

4 key metrics to measure engagement success on Instagram

Instagram oh, Instagram. In the last few hours, you have literally introduced new features that have compelled me to believe that you are indeed on a mission to take over the world. In just a week alone, you rolled out IGTV and hear this, a few hours ago you have been [...]

Hashtags: Yay or Nay?

The use of hashtags differentiates a Social Media Native 🤓 and a Social Media Stranger 👽. Earlier this year, Instagram made a change in their algorithm where users can now follow a hashtag. Of course, this is no news for Natives like ourselves, so don’t be a stranger 😉 If [...]

How to build brand identity for your business?

You have your business idea, probably thought of a business name and your goals for your new business, so what’s next? Apart from ensuring a great product or service, it’s also important you start to build on your business’ brand and its identity. Let’s face it ladies, we want people [...]

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How to get Royalty Free Music for your videos

People often ask me, “Nawwarah, how did you manage to add great background music for your videos?” Music is an indelible aspect in video-making since it basically suggests to the audience how to feel while they are watching a video. If I am able to evoke the necessary emotion out [...]

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