In the age of timeline and follower count, it is easy to blindly dive into the preoccupation and obsession of vanity metrics. At Nimble we call this the dark side of social media and we are here to get you out of it!

The brands we ran campaigns for

The brands we ran campaigns for


The nimble team

What better word to describe our team than nimble itself? We are made up of a team of women, each embodying the meaning behind the company’s name – agile, quick, lively, and perceptive. We offer diversity through our unique strengths and skills, experiences and knowledge that fit the roles we play. Even so, we are determined to add value where needed, beyond our responsibilities. We are like minded Millennials, most ardent in shaping the next generation of content creators and marketers and we absolutely love our job.
We are our own storytellers and bring a broad range of ideas to the table. Staying in tune with the fluidity in today’s marketing landscape is part and parcel of what it means to be a #nimblemarketer.