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In the age of timeline and follower count, it is easy to blindly dive into the preoccupation and obsession of vanity metrics. At Nimble we call this the dark side of social media and we are here to get you out of it! Here are some quick facts on the campaigns we have run as an agency.

Nimble has worked on:

  • Multiple for-profit industry campaigns SMEs from: Retail, Beauty, Fashion, Food & Beverage, Business Services, and more
  • Startups – early stage
  • Political campaigns
  • Not-for-profit campaigns

I’m bella khaja

I dare say not your average marketer. Allow me to let you in on my big WHY.

You see in 2016 I had big dreams of starting my own marketing agency and went on to do exactly that. We had a good string of awesome clients who were on board with our massive plans to turn their content strategy around using only the power of social media.

The proudest achievement to date as a marketing agency was the sheer fact that we converted our client’s customers into an audience that actually PAYS attention to the message that they want to get across. We create content that converts a customer to an audience, a fan to an advocate and most importantly, we propagate content that not only sells but builds influence for our client’s business. So what’s my little secret?

Nimble’s little secret to success is our ability to get our clients to maximise the power of brand advocacy through the lens of sharing stories that matter to their audience. We get businesses to rise up from breakdowns to breakthroughs in their social media marketing.

With 3 years worth of campaigns executed by my awesome Nimble team, I have made the decision to turn our business completely around to focus on what I realised that I am great at- EMPOWERING businesses with the tools and strategy to think, act, execute, market and brand like a television network. I am deeply passionate about teaching you digital marketing strategies that are visionary, inspiring and profit making. I am excited for Nimble’s growth and vision for 2019 and hope to bring you along my incredible journey. Thank you so much for all your support.



The amazing brands we have worked with


We are passionate marketers

So what is Nimble Today?

Nimble Marketing Consultancy today aspires to be the think tank of all things social media here in Asia. We want to be the first to break it to our audience on how to stay relevant amidst the noise digital marketing has to offer. We are your researchers and the voice in your head that helps you stay ahead in YOUR social media marketing.

We want to be that GIRL. The team of female social media leaders that puts fear in the back seat and shuns complacency in a world of saturation. We want to create a real conversation about epic marketing fails that most businesses are afraid to even admit AND how to learn from them.

Ever-changing is how we see social, the key is to adapt by the second and not the hour. To do this, all of us have to learn how to be a Nimble Unicorn.

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How to be a nimble unicorn

Larry Kim famously said, “Be a unicorn in a sea of donkeys.”

It is the very essence in which brands need to cut through all the clutter in order to remain top of mind. It is the FIGHT to be relevant and consistent in order to be valued.

And here’s how WE have stuck around in the industry and remain unforgettable. We fight like a Nimble Unicorn.

By this we mean we are unashamedly passionate about the content that we create. We are not afraid to tell you as it is, even if it’s an unpopular opinion. We are thrill seekers when it comes to social media marketing- we ride the waves of upcoming social trends and practice what we preach even before testing it on campaigns. All in all, it takes a wildly passionate marketer who moves mountains with their stories.

Because a Nimble Unicorn does not sell.

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The Nimble team

The nimble team

What better word to describe our team than nimble itself? We are made up of a team of women, each embodying the meaning behind the company’s name – agile, quick, lively, and perceptive. We offer diversity through our unique strengths and skills, experiences and knowledge that fit the roles we play. Even so, we are determined to add value where needed, beyond our responsibilities. We are like minded Millennials, most ardent in shaping the next generation of content creators and marketers and we absolutely love our job.
We are our own storytellers and bring a broad range of ideas to the table. Staying in tune with the fluidity in today’s marketing landscape is part and parcel of what it means to be a #nimblemarketer.
“There’s no such thing as best practices. Because by the time it's considered "best" it is no longer effective.”

Our philosophy

We truly believe in the methodology of creative inbound marketing solutions that build relationships that in turn creates brand advocates.
We aspire to empower businesses with exactly the tools to master the art of creating content pillars that engender engagement. We want to encourage more businesses to think for themselves independent of agencies. Independent of us. We seek to cultivate a culture where content production is a norm and a process that is enjoyable rather than forced.
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