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“The goal is not to be good at Social Media. The goal is to be good at business because of Social Media.”

We are proud to be the first and only marketing consultancy in Singapore that is entirely women-led and women empowered. We noticed the lack of female role models in a severely male-dominated digital industry and aspire to change this by giving more women the access to education, knowledge, networking and professional digital development so to build a strong network of women who are #sociallytechsavvy.

As one of the content specialist agency in our field, we have developed the knowledge and skills to produce memorable marketing campaigns with sheer passion for our clients. We are BEST known for doing this organically and producing real, authentic value to our client’s brand. We believe that the most important ingredient to our formula is the individuals in the company who are talented and absolutely nimble.

Creating quality content that inspires is at the heart of everything we do. We are expert communicators and value the time we spend with your business to produce content with authenticity. Our mission is to ensure that your brand’s voice is heard by speaking directly to your target audience. So, if you lack the inspiration, in-house editing and most importantly the creative resources to rebuild your audience on social media, consider us your new best friends.


We film and craft engaging authentic content to win over your audience, all over again.

We then look to Social Media to distribute the best creative to ensure your message is.

We study the performance of your creative so to improve your next communication strategy.

Our Team: The Epitome of Femtelligence

Bella Khaja

Founder, Marketing Director & Trainer

Bella Khaja is the founder of Nimble Marketing Consultancy and a strong advocate of entrepreneurship. She offers deep insight and profitable action steps that help business owners gain more traction on social media to win engagement online. She also runs digital marketing workshops to help empower more business owners to embrace rather than fear tech. She is a forever student of marketing and completely self-taught.


Fun Facts

She is a trained boulangarist from Le Cordon Bleu and was once a baker. Her first experience with Digital Marketing came from a home enterprise that finally outgrew her home. From cupcakes to digital, she believes anything is possible. Get in touch at bella.khaja@nimble.sg

Alexandra Sanoria

Graphic Designer

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Alexandra or also affectionately known as Alex is the resident designer with a keen eye for detail. Her skills extend to design, creating, sourcing and selecting gorgeous visuals that are on-brand, enhance social posts.

Fun Facts

From creating her family tree on powerpoint when she was young, to photoshopping funny photos of her friends, she has always loved a good chance to get her creative juices going. At night and on the weekends, she’s hitting it up on the hockey pitch to get her adrenaline going. Get in touch at alex@nimble.sg

Nawwarah AG

Video Campaign Editor

Nawwarah is always on a lookout for the latest trends and software to make better videos for social media. She is very much obsessed with how brands are using video content to engage their followers. She edits and animate videos like a champion.


Fun Facts

She enjoys (obsessed) Korean drama and spends a considerable time reading. Her inspiration for her video edits is from the nuances of everyday life. She believes there is a lot to observe when the world is silent. Get in touch at nawwarah@nimble.sg

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