Telegram for Business Webinar: Here’s What You Missed!

Last Friday, we had an interesting topic (and possibly the first ever topic done) for our webinar which was Telegram for Business. It was hosted by none other than our own Telegram queen 👑 (that’s what we call her in Nimble)- Nisa Nordin! Nisa single handedly built and set up the groundworks for our Telegram channel (find us @MarketinginAsia) from curating bots for channel optimisation to content creation- she is the go-to girl for anything Telegram related.

We had an amazing turnout from both Singapore and Malaysia, where all participants were incredibly keen on learning in-depth about what Telegram has to offer and how to navigate around the complexity of starting, planning and running a channel.

Now why is this particular webinar more unique than all other webinars that we have conducted?

The main factor is plainly because it highlights the power of a totally underrated messaging app. Telegram is growing rapidly but not many know about its benefits and how to leverage on them to enhance your communications strategy with your audience. WhatsApp has always been a dominant messaging app, and there’s WhatsApp for business, so really, why the need for businesses to be on Telegram?

In this webinar, Nisa spilled it ALL.

We started with the usual, a little introduction about Telegram, and looking at the trends of messaging apps in the past recent years.

Messaging apps are definitely getting more popular, y’all 


We need to take note of the fact that monthly active users (MAU) for messaging apps has surpassed social media and the rise is not showing any slowing down soon. This is a key indicator as to why we should pay attention to messaging apps to build better relationships with customers.

“Social media is a noisy place after all.”

Our lovely participants were thrilled to learn about what they can actually DO on Telegram. At this point, WhatsApp might have sounded a little bit so-last-season. With Telegram’s features that are much more superior, practical and convenient, participants now have a clearer vision on how to angle their business’s channel, set-up, manage, curate content, and plan their Telegram from A-Z.

Nisa continued to guide them through, and skillfully delivering one hit point after another. I wish I could spill all the content here but that won’t be fair, will it?


Afterwards, Bella took over for the second part of the session where she explained the importance of community management and shared crucial tips on how to build trust while leveraging on Telegram’s customisable features. To use a tool to enhance your business strategy is a skill, but to build trust and communicate effectively across various platforms in the digital world is another level of skill that is so very crucial to master.

Although the scheduled time for the whole webinar session was supposed to be from 2pm-4pm, we eventually wrapped everything up at 4.30pm since there was so much to share and we wanted to make sure that all questions were answered in the Q&A session!

And like all our other webinars, of course, we equipped our participants with a complete deck of step-by-step video tutorials, PDF guide and even a content calendar so that they can go through all of the materials and relearn at their own pace (this the Nimble way of doing webinars; our participants never leave the webinar empty-handed!).

This concludes my recap for what went down last Friday. If you missed out on our Telegram webinar, not to worry  because there will be more webinars coming your way in July so do keep your eyes peeled (Hint: It’s all going to be about videos and advertising 😉).

Thanks for reading this post and I hope to see you in our future webinars!

P/S: To all Telegram graduates, congratulations and we are excited to see you grow your own brand channels and/or groups soon!

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