A Shocking Surprise: My Experience at Nimble for the 1st time as a Multimedia Producer

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Okay, confession time. It’s been a long time since I actually sat down and let my thoughts flow freely and form into words. I realized that I actually missed the simplicity of this. Being a multimedia producer, I’ve always been one to do my storytelling through moving visuals and music.

It hasn’t been long since I joined the team. However, I guess when your time is filled with exciting tasks and when you have to go through steep learning curves, your days zoom past.

What does a multimedia producer do, you ask? Well, we are pretty much involved in the whole production process – from planning and coordinating various aspects of a shoot, all the way through being on ground and handling the cameras, lighting… Alllll the way through post production aka editing – where the real magic happens.

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I have to be honest, when I first joined Nimble, I did not know what to expect. What I knew was that I loved what the company stood for, the all-woman team. Girl power. You see, as a producer, I’ve pretty much been surrounded by men my whole career life. Not necessarily a bad thing, but I’ve witnessed first-hand how difficult it is for a woman to make a mark in the digital and media world that has been dominated by men.

I decided to take a shot in emailing Bella, telling her my story, in hopes that she would read it amongst the sea of emails and resumes. I had no prior experience in digital marketing. Imagine my surprise when I got a response after a few days of sending in my email.

Not gonna lie, the days leading up to the interview was pretty nerve wrecking. I was at my previous job for years, totally in my comfort zone – doing something I already knew I was pretty good at. But stepping into the world of digital marketing was a whole different ball game. I experienced a mixture of emotions – excitement and anxiety all at once.

It was within a few days of my journey in Nimble when I got to know that we, the Nimble girls, were going to host our first ever Nimble Virtual Summit. LIVE. We had a month to prepare everything and I am still so very amazed at how we pulled it off.

On the days leading up to it, meetings after meetings were held. Online, of course. This was one of the reasons why Nimble had to think fast on a way that we could reconnect with our audience. The Covid-19 situation had everyone scrambling with businesses trying to stay afloat. Nimble, as a marketing consultancy had to be on top of our game, to help businesses to grow and be profitable. Yes, even during a world crisis. The preparation stage showed me that a lot of hard work goes into becoming a digital marketer.

To mentally prepare myself for THE Summit, I observed Zoom sessions that Bella had with people of the industry. I would sign up for the lives and watched how the more experienced girls of Nimble would efficiently attend to questions and provide live updates on social media.

In a way, that was my learning journey in the first weeks, listening in and participating in the Zooms that Bella had, and boy, did I learn. A LOT.

All this time I was following Nimble on their Instagram page, I underestimated the amount of brainstorming and hard work that goes into each content that they deliver.

For instance, have you ever heard of Me neither, not before this! Honestly, this website would have helped me so much during my uni days when I had to do consumer research. It’s the go-to website to get consumer insights which you can use to create useful content, product and services that your customers really want.

It’s eye-opening to delve deeper into content marketing and figuring out why I follow the brands that I do. They tell a STORY that I can relate to or empathize with. It’s all about relationship building.

The session that was the most eye-opening for me was on the second day when Bella shared how to set up a content-curation hub so that businesses will never run out of ideas. This was great for me, as a creative. Sometimes, we face creative blocks, especially during these times when we are all mostly cooped up at home. It helps me to improve my storytelling skills when I produce and edit a video.

In addition, if you already know what your audience is searching for, filling up a content calendar is much easier and faster.

It’s so inspiring to be part of a team that is motivated. Although all of us are very different, our passion and work ethics binds us together, creating a dynamic team. If there’s one thing I learnt, apart from the theories of digital marketing, it’s how far passion and hard work can get you. Times might be rough, but you know, I think we got this.

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