Nimble’s First Virtual Summit: Here’s What You Missed!

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Nimble has finally embraced the webinar world! On 1st – 3rd May 2020 we had our first-ever virtual summit, attended by 24 amazing participants from Singapore, Malaysia, New Zealand and the Netherlands.

It was a hectic 2 weeks (for us)- I am not gonna deny that. Despite all the nitty-gritty bits on tech, design, website and promoting that we needed to figure out, solve and execute, it was indeed a wholesome learning curve for all of us!

So the 3-day intensive summit went by like lightning. The amount of energy coming from both the participants and our superhuman master trainer; Bella was over the roof (Bella gave a 5-hour lecture every day while fasting mind you because she is not from this planet amazing). I remembered clicking away on my keyboard while modding the webinar session absolutely amazed by the sheer commitment of the participants; actively asking questions and interacting in the chatbox. Their willingness to sacrifice their precious weekend time to gain some new knowledge blew me away.


               Chatbox on fire

These are true leaders, I said to myself. These are the business owners who valued the importance of equipping themselves with the right tools to help them steer their ship and navigate through the storm. Digital and social media marketing is always evolving, and during these 3 days, we sat in front of our computers, dissected each topic and shifted our perspective so that we will continue to view things from the lens of a marketer. 🧐


Day 1

The class did not need much time to warm up because everybody was basically sizzling with fire 🔥🔥! We kicked off with a crucial topic- Game-Changing Your Business’s DNA. Which got everybody going oohhh and ahhh and eventually flooding the chatbox expressing their excitement on rebranding their business. Bella then dived into analysing some very good ads, which got the students thinking like an analytical advertiser. 

Creative, engaging and clever.

Bella also emphasised on posting with purpose. I believe this deserves a spot in my little blog writeup. Why? Because I have attended many marketing classes, and not one trainer has ever mentioned the importance of posting with purpose. And I can assure you that the students, too, were moved by this. Because you know, in digital marketing, sometimes we are so immersed in putting out content to chase the target sales, that we lose our original purpose on starting the business in the first place- which is solving a problem, helping the community and making the world a better place (as cliche as it sounds and I tried very hard not to sound pageant-ish, but hey, it is what it is). We can and are able to do this via our social media posts when we plan them well.


Speaking of planning content, the students also learnt to master the art of content planning, from harvesting ideas on what to post to scheduling content for respective platforms. I can feel the amount of the students’ relief after learning that it is possible to automate the entire process so they can save time and money to focus on the bigger things-  their actual business.


Day 2

This was the day when we had our students to take up a challenge and joined the TikTok bandwagon! I was smiling and grinning the whole time because it was so much fun to see everybody being such a sport and actually created a TikTok account and produced a TikTok video. We have collectively accepted and crowned TikTok 👑 as one of the best ways to edit videos to elevate your video marketing game.

Take a look at the winner for our TikTok challenge. Not bad for newbie, ay?

TikTok is the new unicorn.

So basically day 2’s main theme was Unlocking Your Content Marketing Vault. Bella had skilfully taught the students to repurpose content across multiple social media platforms to help the content scale. Then comes the Livestream technique, persuasion marketing, blogging and Nimble’s best-kept secret: how to create the most stunning video visuals using motion effects in just 5 minutes! This is what we call “do it Nimble style.” Whatever tricks that we had on our sleeves, Bella shared it all without hesitation. On top of that, all students also received lifetime access of over 50 video tutorials (password protected of course, special access only for our students) on the actual tools that Nimble used as a marketing agency. Those who attended this summit are a bunch of lucky bawses, I tell ya.


Day 3

Digital Marketing & Advertisement Tools Explained, Explored, Executed. At this point, I was pretty sure that most of the students were already brain-fried, as there was so much input to absorb. Frequency of blinking and ongoing brain synapses increased by 1000%. But the interaction level in the chatbox did not decline! The students came up with all sorts of brilliant questions (they have evolved into a higher-level digital marketer creature) and Bella answered beautifully. 

By then most of them had a clear view of where their business and brand is heading, which tool to choose to kick start their digital transformation and had glued their marketer glasses on. 🤓 

Meanwhile us, Nimble girls took this opportunity as a refresher course, in fact, new info since some of the content Bella shared was new (as I stated- the digital marketing arena is ever-evolving) and although we were behind the screens holding the digital fort, (and frantically fixing tech issues) it sure did not feel like work at all. We were happy to be able to be together in learning new things along the way.


Closest depiction of our faces when fixing glitches

We finally ended our summit with a prize and a virtual certificate presentation ceremony. It was bittersweet for all of us as we arrived at the end of the course. Although separated by screens and binary ones and zeroes, we all now belong to a community which will always be supportive, lifting each other up and providing a safe space to discuss ideas.

“Come as clients, leave as friends”

Your older Millennial,

Aisyah 😎

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  • Bella Khaja says:

    Reading this post fills me up with so much joy and exhilaration! I’m so pumped up for us to do so much more! Missing this totally! 😩🦄🙌🏻


    After reading this remarkable post, i was so suprised how we can do lot of marketing startegy (never thought of tiktok as a medium of marketing), and yes it also change our mindset instead of just posting to make or chase target sales and think back on the actual purpose of doing business.

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