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The REAL key to making your brand stand out

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Hey Lady Bosses! It’s Yulianna here, Nimble’s first Android teammate. (I know right, it took them SO long to hire one!) 😋 Today let’s talk about Brand Identity. I’m sure you’ve heard the term ‘Brand Identity’ enough times now, and you’ve probably tried to come up with a better logo and colour scheme. But guess what? There’s something even more important and specific you can do to stand out! 🧐

‘Brand Positioning’ is usually the first thing brands should think about before they even think about a name.


Brand Positioning is essentially finding your ground in your specific industry/market.


Imagine being just another cupcake home baker among 489 others in Singapore!🍰  This is where knowing your Brand Positioning comes in really handy. In some cases, having a one-of-a-kind USP (unique selling point) helps you stand out immediately. For home bakers, a USP could be selling the best and unrivalled Pandan Chiffon Cake! Having a focus is also incredibly important – I’d say focus on doing the best for one thing instead of being mediocre on multiple things.

So how do you visualise the brand positioning for your brand? Start by researching other local brands out there, then you put them on a whitespace with 4 different categories. Let me give you an example of 🍦 ice cream brands to give you a better understanding.

The next step is to find an opportunity – if no other brand has done something like this before, you obviously stand a higher chance to beat the competition because you’re offering something new. (Like, us?) 😬

So ask yourselves, what is your whitespace opportunity?

Once you know where you want your brand to stand in the market, you can start to craft your brand purpose, find out your potential customer base and design a cohesive brand identity! If you have any questions related to branding, feel free to drop me an email too! I can be directly reached at 

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