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Hashtags: Yay or Nay?

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The use of hashtags differentiates a Social Media Native 🤓 and a Social Media Stranger 👽. Earlier this year, Instagram made a change in their algorithm where users can now follow a hashtag. Of course, this is no news for Natives like ourselves, so don’t be a stranger 😉

If you’re clueless about hashtags (which I reckon why you’re here!), allow us to break it down for you.

Hashtags makes you DISCOVERABLE!

With 70% of Instagram posts remains hidden from the users due to Instagram’s new algorithm, how will my brand get the recognition it deserves?

The use of hashtags is an effective way to build your brand, get more likes and increase engagement. Not convinced? According to an Instagram Study, posts with at least one hashtag average 12.6% more engagement.

Now that users are able to search and follow hashtags, your job as a business owner is to research on the main keywords to use for the hashtags in your next post! Keep your target audience in mind while doing your research.

But Aisyah… 30 hashtags will make my post look so long and ugly! 😫


If you would like to keep your captions short and your posts “clean”, you can add them in the comments section AFTER you’ve published your caption. It works the exact same way! Comments are concealed on IG feed, unless the user choses to click and read them.


Hashtags build COMMUNITIES! (if used right)

But how? Take Nimble’s very own #femtelligence hashtag for example.

Many of Nimble’s very own students (and fans, hi if you’re reading!) use the #femtelligence hashtag as part of their captions. It allows us to connect with incredible lady bosses and discover like-minded individuals who believe in what #femtelligence stands for. The unique hashtag is quite self-explanatory, isn’t it?


Many generic hashtags are widely used businesses and influencers. By many, we mean… millions. See it for yourselves! But to make your brand more discoverable, we’d recommend you use niche hashtags that revolves around your local community and/or industry. Why?

If many other businesses and influencers use the same hashtags as you do, your posts will be drowned out in a sea of content. So not only it defeats the purpose of using a hashtag, it makes it harder for users to discover your content that you’ve worked so hard on! 😵


Carefully curate the kind of posts you would like to use your hashtags for. Remember NOT. TO. SPAM! Instagram users value authenticity and we believe certain hashtags must be placed appropriately.


Jump on trending topics, even if it’s not entirely related to your brand. For example, holidays (Eid, Christmas etc) and significant events (Mother’s Day, National Donut Day, Earth Day etc) or even viral memes are creative ways to relate back to your brand. It is also an opportunity for you to capture a new audience!

Hashtag with LEETAGS


Leetags is completely free to use on both App Store and Google Play. Here at Nimble, we’re all about shortcuts and hacks. If you’re too busy to do hardcore research on hashtags to use, let LEETAGS do it for you! I’ve dissected the app just for our readers, so read on to find out if LEETAGS is yay or nay.

Open the app and you will land on this page. Start searching for hashtags that you find relevant to your business. I used #travel as an example. As you can see on the top right-hand corner, #travel has 110.5k searches on Instagram and it is tagged on 274.4 million posts! Amazing huh?

The paper icon allows you to instantly copy the first 30 hashtags on your mobile.

If you’re picky about the kind of hashtags to include in your posts (which you should!), use the smart selection function.

If you want to take the risk and think any hashtag on your post is fine, use the random selection function.

Here’s a useful function if you changed your mind on using the searched hashtag – deselect the hashtags instantly by clicking this! Saves you some time to do it one by one.

Add it to favourites so you don’t have to keep searching for the right hashtags to use whenever you upload your content on IG.

Favourites will allow you to copy your saved hashtags instantaneously.

This function summarizes the hashtags you’ve chosen so far for your ease of view.

The last function allows you to edit the number of hashtags to select. You can also mention @bruceleetags, the creator of LEETAGS, in your captions to give him some recognition 😉

The FAQ page has only 10 questions though and the answers are not THAT comprehensive. So, we’d rather you email us or better yet, leave us a comment in this blog post and we will reply fast! 😉

Once you’re satisfied with the hashtags that you’ve chosen, copy it and head back to Instagram.

Paste and let it do its magic!

So, ladies, what’s your verdict? It’s definitely a major YAY for us to get the LEETAGS app!

Make hashtagging a habit today, ladies!

Your social gal pal,

Aisyah Azmi

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