How to get Royalty Free Music for your videos

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People often ask me, “Nawwarah, how did you manage to add great background music for your videos?”

Music is an indelible aspect in video-making since it basically suggests to the audience how to feel while they are watching a video. If I am able to evoke the necessary emotion out of the audience with the right piece of music, half of my work is already complete.  Music also piques and maintains an audience’s interest because honestly, who watches a video that is silent?

Before discovering royalty-free music sites, YouTube was my go-to friend. Whatever background music that I needed, YouTube was always my first destination. But converting the video to an audio was a tedious task (really, you search for the music, copy the link, google a video conversion website, paste the link, convert and download).

That’s six steps! For just one music. No thanks.

Your videos should only contain music that’s royalty-free or they will be flagged for removal. So, imagine working hard on a video just for it to be taken down. It can be quite frustrating.

My tip: Don’t take the risk. Just find a nice piece of music that is publicly available and you’re good to go.

Where Can I Find Music for My Videos?

There are a lot of sites to find royalty-free music. Here’s a list of three:


Audioblocks is a subscription service providing UNLIMITED downloads of royalty-free production music. You can either pay US$79 (SGD105) for a monthly subscription or $149 (SGD198) for a yearly subscription. If you do not wish to pump in any money for it fret not, for there is a 7 Day Free Download trial where you can download 20 tracks per day (or 140 tracks for your 7 Day Trial!)


Tip: Download as many tracks as you want and store them in one folder for future use once your trial has ended.

Review: What I love most about Audioblocks is the fact that I get to download an unlimited number of not just background music but sound effects, loops and instrumental collections as well. It is really worth investing your money in! 

YouTube Audio Library has a large selection of royalty-free music. However, the licenses for some tracks require artist attribution – credit to the original artist. All downloads from YouTube’s audio library are free.

Review: YouTube Audio Library is my next go-to whenever I need fresh background music for videos. The music range is amazing with sound effects as well.

Epidemic Sound is also one of my favourites because you can literally find all sorts of great genre stuff from horror soundtracks to pop, rock and everything else in between. You pay a simple monthly or annual subscription and you can use as many songs as you wish.


Review: Epidemic Sound is the latest royalty-free music site that I’ve tried and tested. What I like most about it is its non-mainstream music that we are used to. The music selection is so unique and diverse. There are a lot of choices too!

Well that’s it! That’s Nimble’s little secret on where we get our Royalty Free Music! 😉 Have a question? Feel free to comment and let me know! Alternatively, you can reach out to me directly via

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