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It’s not selfies. It’s called Influencer Marketing!

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Who are they and what do they actually do? 

“Influencers are individuals who have the power to affect purchase decisions of others because of their (real or perceived) authority, knowledge, position, or relationship. They are  in fact, our modern day celebrities.”

Forget celebrity endorsements, the rise of influencers can only mean that there is a tectonic shift in the way brands view marketing and promotional content. The continuous decline in ad spent on mass media can only mean that more and more brands are shifting its focus to marketing digitally instead. Influencers embrace social media and are known to have built a reputation for their knowledge and expertise on a particular topic. As content curators, they generate engagement on their preferred social media channels to a significantly large following of enthusiastic people who pay particularly close attention to their views.

The burgeoning rise of influencers has opened up a plethora of advertising options for macro and micro influencers to create, disseminate and promote strong, credible, positive content on social media. They produce what marketers consider as utility content, that not only aid in decision making but also help to bring prospects closer to purchase. They get very personal with the products they carry, more often than not leaving honest reviews on the products that they have tried.

Influencers are built upon the tenets of personal branding, in which relatability and authenticity is key to unlocking a wide potential network that could also determine their own net worth.

[Sabrina Marican, gracing our Nimble Studio during Social With Bella]

Meet Sabrina Marican, beauty enthusiast, social media influencer and co-founder of and Girlpreneur. 

My interview with Sabrina was thoroughly honest and a real eye-opener to what life is like when all eyes are on you. She embraces attention with earnest grace and absolute poise. She is humble as she is strong in her views of empowering other women to feel and look good in their own skin. In Sabrina’s own words, “Hey brown girls rock!”

At only 24, her drive and passion to succeed in the things that she sets out to do is inspiring. With over 9K followers on her personal Instagram account and over 11k in her business account, respectively, Sabrina is the very definition of Lady Boss, who balances a day job with a business that demands not only her time but her attention. As an influencer, Sabrina understood very quickly what motivates buying habits and understands that authenticity is key to ensure that fans stay engaged and keep coming back.

Her stunning “selfies” paired with her reviews, makes fashion and beauty more relatable. Because honestly, wouldn’t you love advice from a friend instead of some uppity fashion editor? Sure you do! And with Sabrina, the advice is given freely and with a lot of heart.

[Sabrina attends our Lunchtime Social at the Nimble Studio]

Girlpreneur- An Influencer Outreach for Girls Who Mean Business

What struck me the most about Sabrina was also her mission to help other women succeed in business. Women empowerment is big in her books and it is no wonder that her events are often flocked by so many fans, fashion and beauty enthusiasts, alike.

What started as just an idea among 2 people, is now one of the most talked about fashion and beauty event that seeks to create “the ultimate girls day out shopping experience” hosted at a humble space at Claymore Connect. You will ever so often see Sabrina in action attending to guests as well as her own booth with a big smile and never missing a beat.

So does it pay to be an influencer?

Trust leads to relatability. Relatability leads to influence. And influence pays.  📸

Influencers like Sabrina are definitely here to stay. They are the mutual friend connecting your brand with your target consumers. With Facebook changing its algorithm ever so often, marketers would indefinitely need to find fresh and creative ways for their marketing campaigns to scratch the very surface of raising awareness to their brands. Facebook will continue to be a challenge for marketers so all eyes on Instagram. 

When you align with an influencer, not only do they bring their audience, but they also bring their audience’s network as well.They have the ability to drive traffic to your site, increase your social media exposure, or sell your product through their recommendation or story about their experience. All this within an umbrella of how influencers leverage the power of social media, to their advantage.

Sabrina Marican is in my opinion, the definitive influencer. Honest and simply beautiful inside and out, she embodies #femtelligence in ways that go beyond just her “selfies.”  Her energy and enthusiasm puts her at the TOP of my list of influencers brands definitely MUST get to know. So much love for you Sabrina!

To work with Sabrina, please email her directly at 

Or reach out to her via:



@sabrinamarican (personal)

@thecosmetiqueworld (work)

Your lifetime friend,

Bella Khaja

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