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The biggest TIP for branding as told by Nisa Aris

By December 16, 2017 May 7th, 2019 2 Comments

Earlier in November, I had the pleasure to meet a brilliant and talented branding specialist named Nisa from She Creates Online to talk about all things Canva and the importance of branding to start, run and grow your business. I have a been a long time fan of her Instagram mainly because it exudes so much style and nuggets of information on brand styling, that truly she is the go-to person whenever I lack the inspiration to create visual elements that best reflects my business and brand message.

In this session on Social With Bella, we had a heart to heart conversation on the importance of design and how consistency is key. Just typing the word consistency on my keyboard freaks me out mainly because I understand the amount of pressure business owners must truly feel when attempting to reboot or launch any brand message across their digital channels. I have to admit that Nimble’s own Instagram feed changed THREE times just this year alone, simply because we lacked the focus and of course the consistency to keep to our brand style in posts. This meant archiving past visuals and restart our feed all over again to make sure that as a corporate brand we stay committed to our brand message with enticing and beautiful, revamped Instagram feed. And that’s just Instagram!

Now, while this took a lot of introspection I am beyond HAPPY to know that Nisa is able to a break it down for me how beautiful designs can be achieved when you are focused and committed to creating a brand message that helps your business stay top of mind. 

Keeping our brand stories alive is the one thing nobody can copy. And with the existence of Canva, design becomes democratized and everyone wins.

So here’s the lowdown on our Anchor Podcast:

  • What is She Creates Online
  • What inspired Nisa to start She Creates Online
  • How important is design in business
  • Tips on how to create a well themed Instagram feed
  • Where to find inspiration for colours, colour palette and font choice
  • How important is a logo, when starting out
  • Tips on how best to implement colour theory



The biggest takeaway for myself personally was the tip Nisa gave on how best to achieve harmonious colour combinations for your brand message. I am an ardent user of Canva but never once thought of using the colour palette generator as a tool to literally help me decide what is the best option for me when it comes to choosing the right colours for my marketing collaterals.  And it as easy as uploading a photo that I like, and the colour palette generator simply “extracts” the colour out of the photo and generates a HTML code that represents those colours! Say what? 😬

It is as easy as uploading a photo and the colour palette generator simply “extracts” the colour out of the photo and generates a HTML code that represents those colours!

Here’s the link  for you to try this out yourself. Let me know what you think in the comments below! Is this useful? Is this not?



As the Chief Girl behind, She Creates Online, Nisa provides women in business with tips for starting out and branding consultation to help you achieve, manage and be productive

Her website is full of educational and insightful guides that is perfect for anyone who wants to understand how to design with a purpose. Together, with her Instagram, Nisa provides guidance and inspiration for all of us to do better when it comes to achieving a unique, highly intentional brand style. A powerful brand identity will resonate at an instinctive level that ultimately creates an emotional experience for your target audience. Remember, when Nimble’s logo was a ball of flame? As much as I love my old logo, it was just talking to the wrong people! 

Marketing to everyone is marketing to no one. The faster you accept the mistakes that you are making with your brand identity, the sooner you can pivot to a niche that best represents you



(Does anyone vividly recall this? Proud of this nonetheless!)



(Let’s hear that applause people!)

Can’t agree with you more Nisa! Just a change of a logo has done so much for the business and my purpose in business has been clearer than ever. As you can see from the above illustrations, selecting a pattern, colour, texture and typefaces are absolutely crucial to determining the right message about your business. Our consultancy has connected so many more women in business to embrace tech, especially AFTER our newly revamped logo! Here at Nimble, we make it simple, we make it exciting and most important of all, we give women the access to this knowledge with authenticity. Just like Nisa, we try our best every day to help women achieve nothing less for themselves. And I am blessed to know our Chief Girl Nisa is here to stay and slay the branding universe with her continued passion and talent. 💜

To work with Nisa Aris please visit the following links and give her a thumbs up:




Thank you, Nisa for being in our lives!

Your lifetime friend,


Bella Khaja

(from cake to digital)


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