5 Ways Instagram Stories Highlights Can Serve Your Business!

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By this time, all of my #bossladies on Instagram would have heard of or played with the platform’s biggest update of 2017: highlighting Instagram stories!

What is Instagram Highlights?

You may be used to the regular Instagram stories that vanish after 24 hours, letting users live in the moment until the next one comes around. Instagram highlights put your stories at the front and center of your profile, directly under your bio, for as long as you want!

What does it mean? Permanent collections of Instagram stories on your profile (business or personal!)

What does it mean for your business? Well, that’s what this post is for! I’ll be discussing with you the 5 ways Instagram Stories Highlights can best be optimised for your business. Read on, ladies!

The highlights feature have opened up opportunities for you to curate and showcase the dynamic content you want your audience to see first. It’s a highly creative way to highlight your brand culture, show off your products or drive traffic.

Start by first grouping your stories into events, promotions or topics of interests that your audiences will find specifically relatable to them – do this by giving your highlights titles.


If you’re highlighting your latest giveaway, title it “Giveaway!” and your audience will know right away how they can engage and win free stuff from you! It keeps things organized, and viewers know what to expect.

Now that you’ve got the basics down, here are ideas you should seriously consider using highlights for:

#1 Highlight Tutorials

Educate your audience with how-tos on your products or services.

Content that educates helps build credibility and trust around a brand, allowing users to connect at a deeper level. This is a popular method used by makeup and apparel brands for sharing tips on using their latest products.

Makeup brand Glossier jumped on the Instagram highlights bandwagon pretty quickly with their tutorials!




 #2 Highlight User-Generated Content (UGCs)

Your business is in full swing, and your customers are tagging you non-stop in their stories, featuring your products that they LOVE! How do you maximise this abundance of UGC or user-generated content?

Repurpose your customer reviews to your highlights, of course! There is no better way to show appreciation by giving a heartfelt shoutout. UGCs highlight the brand in an authentic way, and brings a lot of credibility to a brand’s reputation.

 American apparel brand, Fashion Nova, is famously known for featuring their gorgeous “Nova Babes” (usually influencers!) on their stories & feed. With highlights, they have taken it a step further by highlighting them on their profile.

You can replicate this strategy with your customer reviews and features!

But… how do we save another user’s story?

Don’t sweat it, girlies. Use this Chrome extension to save your customer’s story and add it to your profile. Do not save and redistribute the story without the original creator’s permission. (Consent is everything, guys!) Tag the original as proper credit as well.


#3 Highlight Based on Audience Interest

Gifts for mums? Gifts for husbands? Gifts for kids?

Create your own Instagram Story Highlights catalog based on product or service categories for your audience to browse through. Think of it as a department store catalog… just 15 seconds long.

You should also consider grouping your highlights according to seasonal collections, sales, new arrivals etc. Don’t forget to add the Call to Action buttons for them to act quickly!

#4 Highlight Your Campaigns

Running a campaign is only part and parcel of managing a social media account, and it’s a lot of creative work. You don’t want them to disappear after 24 hours do you? Not when campaigns can run for days on end!

 Megabrand Gucci has made efforts to make both fashion and social campaigns. The #ICouldHaveBeen campaign highlights the hard reality of violence against women (props to Gucci, I’ll say!) and a campaign to promote Gucci Gift 2017.

Pinning your campaign to your profile ensures it gets viewed by as many people as possible, throughout the lifetime of the campaign.




#5 Highlight Your Partner Influencers

If your brand has worked with influencers and brand ambassadors, host all of your content with them on your highlights to make them last a little longer!

These are highlights from brands that feature their brand ambassadors regularly or conduct Instagram takeovers that they would love their profile viewers to take a look at. Your audience will be reminded of the individuals you align yourselves with, as well as have a strong connection to the brand.



The list doesn’t stop at 5, ladies! Instagram stories & highlights have made room for ingenious online marketing strategies, and I’m sure you have more to add. Feel free to comment what you think is the best your business could get out of Instagram highlights!

Before you leave, here are some of the finer details about the feature  you’ll benefit from:

  • You can add up to 100 photos or videos to your highlights and there’s no limit to how many highlights you can create
  • If you have more than 100 clips, the first one will be removed and added to your Archives
  • Only you can see your Instagram Stories Archive, just like the regular Instagram posts that you can choose to archive from your feed.

That’s it from me this time around. Have a great week of marketing ahead!

Kisses to the misses doing business,

Hajar Roslan

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