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The Nimble Ladies VS Facebook’s Algorithm: Did We Fail?

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Dear Facebook…

The Nimble ladies have had it. We’re tired of the mind-games, the heartbreaks and the disappointments. (Still talking about Facebook here)

As the Content Specialist, I planned a variety of content, creatives and copies (or captions) that accompany the posts on our Facebook page. Although we received a good amount of reach and engagement with them, it still did not seem to resonate well with our audience. The same strategies that have brought my clients’ social success did not seem to receive the same blessings when applied to Nimble. Are our audiences really that different? We’re sure a good amount of our fans don’t even see the posts we put up, even during optimal post timings.

What we did get, however, were notifications from Facebook to boost our posts to reach more of our target audience.  Basically saying, “Spend your coin to get the results you want!”

Now, if you’re new here, the Nimble ladies have always advocated for organic growth. That means: no paid ads, no boosted posts, no boosted page likes. At least not until we have a great following of genuine fans and brand advocates! Spending advertising dollars on social media was not on the Nimble to-do list, but it, unfortunately, is on Facebook’s. The algorithm was made to make us spend and hey, we’re disgruntled but we get it! They are a business after all.

Reviewing our strategies, the ladies have realised that we tried all but one thing… being in front of the camera ourselves! The idea of putting ourselves out there is daunting, and why wouldn’t it be? It’s a big deal to make yourself vulnerable to harsh criticisms, judgements and the what ifs, but whoops, we did it anyway. We’re going to be the faces of the brand, and break Facebook’s algorithm organically.

Watch the full challenge on our Youtube channel here.

Now the big question: Did we succeed?

That’s a fat YES. Put your nerd glasses on for the campaign report coming up!


Challenge Details: The 5 Day Content Marketing aims to break Facebook’s algorithm by producing content that achieves virality and reach without the use of advertising dollars for post boosts.

Creative: Video

Total videos produced: 6

Campaign duration: 13th November to 18th November 2017, 6 days

This report compares key metrics derived from Nimble Marketing Consultancy’s Facebook page insights during the campaigning period of 13th November to 18th November 2017, the 5 Day Content Marketing Challenge. The benchmark for performance is the metrics of social media posts from the week prior, where no campaigns or similar content was published.


Campaign Highlights (Social)

Total Marketing Reach

What it means: the number of people who have seen content associated with the Nimble Facebook page

Highest daily reach: 1,394 (up from 130 in previous week)

Final weekly reach: 4,775 (up from 317 in previous week)

Growth from the previous week: 4,458 (93.36%)


Total Marketing Engagement

What it means: the number of people who engaged with the Nimble Facebook page. Engagement includes any click or story created.

Highest daily engagement: 333 (up from 22 in previous week)

Final weekly engagement: 772 (up from 60 in previous week)

Growth from the previous week: 712 (92.22%)


Overall Website Visits

Total Website Clicks: 32 (up from 0 in previous week)

Total Growth: 100%


Page Likes Growth

What it means:  the total number of people who have liked the Nimble Facebook page

Highest Daily New Likes: 11 (up from 3 in previous week)

Total Page Likes Growth: 27 (up from 8 in previous week)

Growth of total page likes from the previous week: 19 (70.37%)


Top Campaign Posts

The 5 Day Content Marketing Challenge: Introduction Video

Lifetime Total Reach: 3,117

Lifetime Total Views: 1,597

Total Watches at 95%: 177



Likes VS Reactions: DAY 5

Lifetime Total Reach: 998

Lifetime Total Views: 520

Total Watches at 95%: 32


Least Performing Post

Empowering Lady Bosses In Tech

Lifetime Total Reach: 538

Lifetime Total Views: 362

Total Watches at 95%: 21

…and there you have it! We really did numbers with this challenge, and we cannot tell you how happy we are with the results. The page has never been more alive! I remembered the first slither of worry I had when we started our first day of filming. It seems so far away now. The fact that we DID manage to break the algorithm and gained ourselves traction, without spending any of our hard-earned coins is insane! (I’m going to need the rest of my life to get over this.)

Some simple deductions:


  • Posts did better when all 3 Nimble ladies were in-front of the camera.
  • They also do better when there are more elements of humour (we really didn’t start this thinking that we could be funny… oh well)
  • Technical posts don’t do as well, but it could also be an audience preference to see the team talk more than a screen recording!


  • Posts did better at peak timings between 6PM to 7PM, or 8PM-9PM. (Note that our organic audience are mainly Singaporeans)
  • Posts with shorter copies (or captions) do better than those that are lengthier and require the reader to read beneath the fold (basically means they have to click “See More” on the posts to read the rest of the caption)

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If you’re curious, this is only a sneak peek at the reports I prepare for clients! Let me know if a tutorial on CEO-ready reports are in your need-to-knows. (Maybe even a free template? 😉 Ask and you shall receive.)

Stay tuned for more videos from the Nimble ladies, coming at you every week! Get notified on all our platforms (including Youtube!)

Kisses to the misses doing business,





Hajar Roslan

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