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Why compete when you can collaborate? An honest discussion with Nurul Jihadah

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In today’s episode of Social With Bella, we go behind the scenes with Nurul Jihadah of The Codette Project to discuss women empowerment and the honest truth about minority women in the tech industry.

Nurul gives her take on the meaning of success and why it is important to celebrate women who are successful, in their own special ways. (I hear you, Nurul!)  She believes more women can support each other in order to build an ecosystem of a strong network of women who believe, encourage and motivate other women who work so hard to be successful.  👭

Isn’t it all too familiar? Women clawing at each other behind the screens, wishing terribly they could outdo, outwit and outsmart one other?

What if women stopped competing and embraced each other’s differences in the name of women empowerment? What if more women placed value to these relationships and start to build a foundation where women are comfortable to share ideas, build upon each other’s experience and simply well, collaborate? Sometimes, all it takes is quite simply, a hello.

I remembered how excited I was when I dropped her a message on Linkedin. I put nerves aside, plucked up enough courage, and said hi. I mean, you have to admit, it’s quite nerve-wracking to be prospecting to someone you only see in photos online! I think as women we tend to do that…we tend to allow our fears to paralyze us from moving forward with a task, an idea or even going out of our comfort zones. Guess what?

Nurul replied! And was ever so cool enough to agree for a meeting. (Yes you are, Nurul!) The rest as they say, was pretty much history!

(Also, if you are not already on Linkedin to prospect, I don’t know why honestly! But that’s another blog entry in the pipeline.)

To get to know Nurul and her team in more ways than one is yet another great opportunity to empower MORE women at large. Truly when we empower and support each other, we all benefit from a collective of strong, inspiring women who become our tribe. And when we do this together, the results are massively wonderful! Nurul and her team deserve all the recognition for their hard work because these are women who have defied the odds to bring access to tech knowledge for minority women in order for them to raise productivity at work, home or really, just about their everyday lives.

To bring awareness to a cause that was once unexplored is no easy feat. And I value the hard work and dedication these women have over the community. The Nimble team shares the values and objectives of The Codette Project. And as such, will do our best to bring out the genius in every woman. Because why fear tech? 

Personally, I feel that we can no longer afford to fall back into outdated, destructive ways of competing against each other. When we hold one woman back, we hold ALL women back. And when we empower and support each other, we all benefit. We succeed. We become first class. We become infallible.

So here’s the lowdown on our Anchor Podcast:

  • What is the Codette Project
  • What inspired Nurul and her team to start The Codette Project
  • What is Women Empowerment to Nurul (Must hear! She defines it so uniquely!) 
  • Why is it important for women to support each other
  • One tip on how best women can collaborate instead of competing with one another 


They are spearheaded by Nurul Jihadah and her amazing team consisting of Khaireen Nazeera, Atikah Amalina, Sarah Bagharib, Muslihah and Amilin. Workshops and speaking engagements are just the very tip of what the ladies have up their sleeves! Panel discussions, networking events, collaborations with government and private organizations is the core of what they do at The Codette Project.

The ladies as featured on Berita Harian (Awesome!)

From left to right: Muslihah, Amilin, Nurul Jihadah, Atikah, Sarah and Khaireen Nazeera.

When women support and strive to embrace the differences in each other, we are truly capable of bringing about change in big ways! Thank you so much, Nurul for taking the time off to share so much. I think all women are capable of change, compassion, and generosity. #successdoeslooklikethis

If you wish to collaborate or get to know the incredible ladies behind The Codette Project, you can click on any of these links.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/thecodetteproject

Instagram: www.instagram.com/thecodetteproject

Website: www.thecodetteproject.com

To many more success ladies! Can’t wait to hear more amazing things from you.

Your lifetime friend,

Bella Khaja

(From cake to digital) 

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