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Women, connected. Empowering Lady Bosses In Tech with Nimble!

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The past week had flown by so quickly, and I’ve just been focused on making it the best week ever! There is finally time to sit down and tell you, dear Reader, what I’ve beenbuzzing to share.

I’m sure you’ve noticed that the words “empowerment” and “support” pertaining to women are being thrown around often these days. It’s an ideal scenario – women around the world given the empowerment they need to have no fear when chasing their dreams and overcoming difficult situations – but many find it difficult to pull through with these earnest desires. It’s a constant, conscious decision that needs to be made every day in the face of norms that are in place.

I’ve always found that digital technologies have long since harboured a massive potential for women’s empowerment. How? By providing them with opportunities to share information, access educational services, generate their own #ladyboss income and have their voices heard by the masses. With this, the Nimble team sought to find ways to bring women closer to tech and eradicate fear around perceived complex technicalities.

We found that investing in the idea of #femmetelligence would encapsulate all that we are trying to achieve:

Fuelled by grace and backed by acute dexterity, it affirms that all women have a phenomenal ability to combine great leadership and exceptional business acumen – all while juggling a life well lived as mothers, sisters and daughters.

It’s an exciting concept, and I’m proud to let you know that the Nimble Marketing Consultancy team is now striving to turn these sentiments into real commitments and actions! As advocates of #femmetelligence, Bella Khaja and I worked to create an environment of learning that encouraged women to obtain digital mastery. Our first step was to harness the power of technology and break them down into digestible portions. The goal was to build women’s capacities by ensuring that they had access to the most current digital tools – tools that are rapidly and relentlessly evolving. The result?

Nimble had our first ever “Empowering Lady Bosses In Tech: A Digital Mastery Workshop For The Modern Entrepreneur” session last week!

On the 14th of July, we had an intimate gathering of lady geniuses in the Nimble studio to learn about tech in bite-sized pieces. We had the absolute pleasure of hosting Faranishah from The Little Red Dot and Tashreen Kaur from NudeSkin Co. at our first session.

A chef and a beautician! You can only imagine the novel, innovative collaborations that came out of this chance meeting… I had the honour of witnessing it first hand!

Both participants made their long way from Brussels, Belgium and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to receive tailored advice, software hands-on tutorials and valuable tips on how to push their brand to its potential with digital marketing.

Course notes were made available for participating business owners to pen down eureka! moments and inspirations from open discussions – here’s Faranishah penning down her marketing funnel to help identify the sources of traffic she can gain to her business.

All software introduced were guided through, with tips on how they can be best optimised to suit the individual business climates. Bella & I loved to hear the ideas they had for their own business direction and how they creatively put designs together!

And to make things a little more legit, certificates of completion was given out at the end of the workshop! The ladies are given their course notes to take home and encouraged to make references to them when making tech business decisions. Nimble’s there to guide you even post workshop!

La fin!

It was truly a day of laughs and girl love. Between great coffee and yummy snacks, these inspiring women gained an invaluable set of skills that will propel their businesses further, as well as a new collaboration in the mix.

The workshop was a definite success! I am infinitely grateful to Bella Khaja for working with me to make this happen, and to the #bossbabes who were such troopers during the workshop. The Nimble team will definitely be bringing more #femmetelligence courses, centred on empowering and supporting the modern woman in tech.

Your vibe attracts your tribe, ladies. You never know whom you’ll meet at our next session. 😉

Kisses to the misses doing business,

Hajar Roslan

Interested in our Digital Mastery classes?

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